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FUNGI Lion's Mane 20:1 Extract Powder


FUNGI Lion's Mane 20:1 Extract Powder

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Size 120g (Miron Jar)

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20:1 Extract -The Most Potent On The Australian Market


Lion's Mane is a dietary mushroom that appears to be a promising cognitive enhancer and immunomodulator, stimulating or suppressing inflammation according to the body's needs. Scientific research has revealed howLion's Mane can promote BDNF-induced growth of new brain pathways. (*BDNF = Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor.) 

How To Use

Add 1/2-1 teaspoon to cold and hot drinks, including coffee, tea, smoothies and juices. Add to soups, broths, sauces and dressings. Make tonic soups.  


Quality Miron glass jars have been chosen to retain the integrity of the product. Once open, retain the silica sachet in the jar, keep a lid on, and store it out of direct sunlight below 25 degrees Celsius or in the fridge.


Grown in China. Packed in Australia.

Grown on its natural substrate, Oak wood, the mushroom fruiting body has undergone a high-pressure dual-extraction to arrive at 20:1 extract.


Lion's Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus)Fruiting Body 20:1 Extract Powder

*=Certified organic ingredient;

  • Potent 20:1 Extract = 20kg mushroom to create 1kg of powder
  • Twice as strong as 10:1