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Bio Hack for the mind and body

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Hemp Oil %70 Potency Full Spectrum
Hemp Oil %70 Potency Full Spectrum
Hemp Oil %70 Potency Full Spectrum
Hemp Oil %70 Potency Full Spectrum

Hemp Oil %70 Potency Full Spectrum

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Most concentrates you're lucky to get 25% hemp oil extract but Our Product has %70 Full spectrum Hemp Potency.

1000mg pure organic solvent free terpene enhanced Distillate is produced through vacuum distillation leaving all impurities behind, the resulting product is pure Full spectrum & High Potency Hemp Oil and terpenes only.

Proudly produced specially for


This is a very difficult and expensive process yet our product is still cheaper than most common “crude extracts/ rso /black oil” available on the market. The 1000mgs of distillate is blended with biodynamic olive oil and is sold in 10ml units.

Why olive oil instead of coconut oil?

Coconut oil is is fractionated and supplied by overseas manufacturers and grows in bulk . It is unstructured and not in its natural form. It is not a whole, often chemical processes are used in the fractioning. Our olive oil is biodynamic (grown according to alchemical principles) and pressed with intention by local growers. In high altitude region of Victoria. It is  nutrient dense and of very high quality as is every single little ingredient that touches our products.

*This product is not for internal use in Australia, the preparation of this product is intended for external use only.

Some Manufacturers choose to sell more diluted versions which feel bigger but you have to use higher amounts. We choose to sell a small & high potency version where 1-4 drops is enough, which's Equivalent to a full dropper of most of the 30-50ml bottles on the market.

Terpene content: Myrcene: 5mg/g
Beta-caryophelene: 4.4mg/g
Limonene: 5.2mg/g
Terpineol: 3mg/g
Humulene: 1.6mg