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ENKI: Seasonal Hydrosol Toner/Cleanser 100ml

Enki Organics

ENKI: Seasonal Hydrosol Toner/Cleanser 100ml

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Enki ENKI: Seasonal Hyrdrosol 100ml

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ENKI: Seasonal Hyrdrosol/Cleanser 100ml

Almost every skin care product or regime has a water component. Guess what? It's Normally filtered or plain old tap water! Not only that, it's bonded to the oils with nasty emulsifiers and other chemicals. Thats where we come in. We take out the chems and the water and give you "Hydrosol"

A complex, distilled blend of seasonal herbs and botanicals. Full of nutrient dense, bioactive aromatic compounds which nutrify, refresh, rejuvenate, repair & protect your skin. This stuff is AMAZING! It's like nothing else. Steam distilled in-house, from wild and garden grown botanicals.


Please Read our blog post on Hydrosol.


EXTRACTS / 100% pure Enki glass-distilled hydrosol  


Spring Season: 

Kunzea*, White Cyprus*, Rosemary^, Lavender^, Juniper^, Frankincense*, Rose Geranium^

*Wild Harvest